Creative Solutions Using ‘What If?’

For the maximum creative answers you need to get your mind looking in new guidelines. One of the most systematic ways to do this, is with a listing of words, generally adjectives, to create "what if?" eventualities. The system begins with the query, "what if it changed into…" and then you insert a word from the list. "It" in the question is the hassle you’re operating on, or the present day solution or state of affairs.

Let’s explain the method with an instance or two.

Example one: You have is an ugly co-worker. You are not certain the way to address him, so that you ask about the problem, "What if it turned into…" and insert from the list "smaller." How may want to you make the hassle smaller? Spend less time with that individual? Get reassigned?

"What if it was… A laugh?" makes you marvel if being traumatic yourself might keep the opposite person far from you. "Closer" makes you surprise if this man or woman is probably nicer to you in the event that they knew you higher. You preserve down the listing and paintings with each phrase a piece to get new thoughts, which you will study extra analytically later.

Example two: Your house is just too crowded because you’re running your enterprise from it. You ask, "What if it turned into…" and insert from the phrase listing, "smaller." Your residence is already too small, however ought to the commercial enterprise be smaller? The phrase "divided" might give you the concept to preserve the commercial enterprise in only one part of the residence.

Since most words on the listing might not assist, you can undergo the inappropriate ones speedy. But do not robotically dismiss them with out some seconds consideration. "What if it became hopeless?" might also appear like a useless question, or it could make you comprehend that you simply can’t maintain the enterprise in the house any longer. Moving into a rented workplace might be the most worthwhile of your innovative answers.

The Creative Solutions Word List

Feel free to create your own list of phrases. You’ll need to apply adjectives, descriptive phrases, and any words which could trade your perspective. Here is a short listing to get you began:

What if it become… Larger, smaller, farther away, closer, faster, later, less difficult, greater hard, better, fats, wealthy, short, black, positive, hopeless, more recent, uninteresting, informal, subtracted from, less expensive, commonplace, divided, more interesting, extravagant, diffused, or amusing?

Just as with maximum trouble fixing techniques, it is crucial to permit the ideas to drift with out judging them first of all. You do not want to stifle the innovative technique. Take notes, then compare your ideas later, if you have a web page full of innovative solutions.

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